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Optimization Case Studies

Organizational Assessment and Optimization

optimization case studies

A national organization was performing poorly after a new leader had taken the helm and restructuring had been implemented. Morale was low and the business objectives were not being met.

Our business plan writing team collaborated with leadership to create a three-year custom strategic business plan to focus on the best way forward. After our market research analysts performed focus groups and 360 assessments, we provided specific recommendations to optimize the multicultural organizational structure. Dr. Rosalene Glickman provided executive coaching for the leader to align the best interests of the employees and the organization via video conference. Best Place to Work workshops supporting the organization’s top five measurable objectives were customized and conducted for the employees, and a follow up program was implemented to determine the results.

An astounding 41% increase in their most important business metric (cases completed) was achieved within a period of one year. Increases of 39% – 65% were achieved for the other metrics (aging cases resolved, cycle time per case, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction) within four years.

CEO Optimization

The CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation wanted to optimize his executive presence and achieve optimization within the organization. Due to an industry shakeup, the company was losing prominence in the marketplace, customers were cancelling orders, and there was internal competition for cash to supply and finance products.  Dr. Rosalene Glickman provided executive coaching for the CEO to ensure a consistent optimization mindset.  They focused on personal and business optimization, including optimization of value growth, talent development, inventory management, receivables and cash flow.  Key metrics were monitored on a monthly basis.

An optimization program consisting of executive coaching for key personnel with performance gaps and leadership training for high potential employees was implemented.  Within two years, the company regained its status as an industry leader, demonstrating a consistent uptick in free cash flow. The CEO now addresses company personnel and the public with authenticity and unprecedented confidence.  He continues to collaborate with Dr. Glickman on a weekly basis.

Leadership Development

leadership development

We conducted a 16-week “Optimize leadership development” program for the partners of a national professional services firm. With the help and direction of the human resources leaders, several partners received executive coaching to best deal with current and impending challenges. We also conducted onsite workshops to review and obtain buy in for the vision, mission, guiding principles, values, strategies, innovation and tactics of the organization. We achieved dramatic improvements in assertive communications, conflict resolution, employee motivation, and time management. As a direct result, rather than seeking senior management externally, the company has promoted 21 percent more employees internally over the past two years.

Strategic Planning and Execution

A mid-sized financial services organization was receiving customer complaints due to a recent change in corporate policy. With conducted focus groups, surveys and individual interviews to understand the needs and desires of their customers. We shared the information with leadership and asked the employees for their best solutions. We were then able to design and execute a custom strategic business plan with “multicultural employee ownership” that delighted their customers and served their best interests.

Interdepartmental Optimization

Many employees (including leadership) in the manufacturing and sales departments of a multinational automotive corporation did not get along, and poor communication between the two departments was impacting the entire organization. We provided conflict resolution and assertiveness skills best practices via executive coaching to the key personnel. We also custom designed and facilitated an “Optimize Your Communications Skills” workshop for employees in both departments and measured results with relevant metrics over a two-year period. Mutual goals were set and achieved and the “organizational bottleneck” was eliminated.

Best Place to Work Culture

After experiencing funding cuts, government employees were anxious, despondent, focusing on issues that were out of their control, and wavering in their productivity. “Why bother?” was felt throughout the organization. We assessed the employees’ performance via their thinking patterns with the Optimal Thinking Online 360 Assessment, and implemented customized “Best Place to Work” workshops. A 22% increase in employee satisfaction was achieved that year.

Hiring the Right People


The human resources division of a mid-size organization was concerned about personnel turnover. Although candidates submitted resumes and went through background checks and skills assessments, 18% of these employed left the organization within six months. During exit interviews most of these employees stated that they did not feel they were the right fit for the organization. We implemented the Optimal Thinking Online 360 Assessment as a hiring tool for a trial period of 12 months. During this period, only 2% of a similar sample of candidates left the organization and their reasons for leaving were mostly based on personal issues beyond their control.

Career Change Optimization

11 senior executives who were downsized from a Fortune 1000 corporation had been unemployed for periods ranging from eight months to two years. The executives received career transition coaching, including productive networking, interview preparation and role plays. All 11 executives found employment within two to eight months.

Productivity and Profitability Optimization

An 8,000 employee corporation was experiencing poor productivity and profitability primarily as a result of poor risk management. Our senior executive team provided optimization consulting to management and produced a custom optimized strategic business plan. We recommended changes within the organizational structure, best practices for risk management and damage control. We designed and presented seminars to maximize strategic thinking, productivity and communications, organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Much needed enthusiasm was again palpable within the organization and an 18% increase in top line results was achieved that year.

Business Turnaround

business turnaround

A 2000 employee organization with gross annual revenue of $22,750,000 was $18,250,000 in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. By reengineering the organization, we eliminated the long term debt within 28 months. We achieved cash reserves of $1,100,000 within 36 months. We wrote and executed a comprehensive three-year custom business plan that increased sales, added revenue streams, cut unproductive product lines, eliminated suboptimal operational inefficiencies, downsized personnel, and successfully executed innovative strategies.

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  • We have used McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain to produce our business plans. This senior executive team creates superior quality business plans for a much lower fee. A no-brainer choice.

    John M.

    CEO, Fortune 1000 Company

  • I was referred to this company through my CMO who had been coached by Rosalene Glickman. We hired the writing team to produce a business plan for a company we just purchased. We are very pleased with the end product and the delivery process. Exceeded expectations.

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  • When we need to win a government RFP, this team gets it done. They have responded to 13 RFPs for us and won all of them. What a find.

    Alan S.

    CEO, Healthcare corporation

  • Optimal Thinking has a little bit for everyone and will help people be the best self they can be.

    Kenneth Blanchard, Author,

    The One Minute Manager

  • Richard Guha is an extremely knowledgeable and effective GM/Marketing professional. He has an excellent network of professionals that he can call upon to assist him on any consulting assignment. He simply drills down and gets results.

    John Ferneborg, Senior Partner,

    The Ferneborg Group (TFG)

  • Without your coaching, we would never have been able to outperform our competition. Your coaching helped me steer the company optimally in very tough times. We have increased market share, and our earnings have never been better.

    Larry P, Silicon Valley, CA

  • Optimal Thinking has been beneficial in increasing our [general managers' and sales managers'] time organization and general performance.

    Gerd Willhoeft, Manager,

    Training and Development, Mercedes-Benz, Australia

  • Ed is a strategic thinker and understands the value stream of the area(s) he is engaged in. He does the due diligence when analyzing an operational situation. Ed understands lean; he applies the principles of six sigma and maturities models to gain optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

    Jim Scott, Sr. Manager,

    Industrial Engineering, Raytheon

  • Your insights and anecdotes offered real inspiration for all our managers, and feedback following the event has been extremely positive... You are a tremendous speaker and we feel privileged that you took the time to present here.

    Alison Buzza, Events Coordinator,

    Australian Institute of Management – Qld & NT, Australia

  • Marvin Wolf is as knowledgeable and articulate on the craft of writing as anyone I know, and a gifted and inspiring teacher.

    James Dalessandro,

    Author and screenwriter

  • What does it take to become Australia's most successful woman? Glickman was awarded her title for her ability to motivate American business people.

    Business Review Weekly

  • I must endorse Optimal Thinking as the mental foundation for peak performance in all fields. Optimal Thinking is a quantum leap beyond rhetorical positive thinking ideology.

    Dr. Gregory H. Tefft

    Triple Crown Mr. America, Olympics Sports Medicine Staff, California

  • "The future belongs to those who bring their best to the present."

    Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.


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